Our Caucus

The Yukon Liberal Caucus is proud to represent Yukoners with eight seats in the Yukon Legislative Assembly. Our caucus is working hard every day to make life better for Yukoners.

Your elected MLAs are committed to serving their communities by listening and ensuring that all Yukoners are heard. They also serve by representing their communities in the Legislative Assembly. You can learn more here.

If you would like to contact or learn more about your MLA, and how they are working for you in your community, find the MLA for your riding here.


Our Vision

Our Yukon Liberal Caucus is working to create good jobs in a diverse, growing economy that is respectful of Yukon’s environment. We are committed to working with Yukon First Nation governments and industry partners to ensure Yukon has a strong and vibrant local economy.

Our constituents believe that the path forward for Yukon is to work in partnership and collaboration with Yukon First Nation governments and we agree. Your Yukon Liberal MLAs are committed to building government-to-government relations with Yukon First Nation governments, and we are actively working to uphold the spirit and intent of the Final and Self-Government Agreements.

We believe in local solutions for local issues to support healthy, thriving communities. Our caucus is committed to investing in infrastructure that promotes economic development. We are committed to working with Yukon communities to reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy sources, and increase Yukon’s self-sufficiency. All communities matter.

At the heart of our vision is the understanding that in all we do, people come first. We are taking a people-centered approach to wellness that will help Yukoners thrive. Our caucus is working with Yukoners at all stages of life to ensure long-term wellbeing and a high quality of life for all Yukon citizens. We are committed to ensuring all Yukoners have access to the affordable, safe housing and the vital health services needed to build happy, healthy communities.

Working together, we can make Yukoners’ lives better.